Potobello Road

Golborne Road Market


Golborne Road is at the Northern end of Portobello Road.

It was part of the Great Forest of Middlesex. In 1543 it was seized by Henry VIII and by 18th century it was farmland.
In 1801 the Grand Junction Canal was built, followed by the great Western Railway in 1837.

Until 1870 it was just a country footpath across the Portobello Farm, when the road was widened, houses and shops built and it was extended over the railway. It was named after Dean Golborne, vicar of St John’s Church in Paddington.

It is in the shadow of the iconic concrete Trellick Tower, built after WW2, when the area was extensively bombed.

Other estates were built to house immigrants from Portugal, Spain and the Caribbean.
The Road has its own a unique atmosphere, with shops and stalls, selling international food, art, bric-a-brac, second hand clothes. There are interesting Restaurants cafes, kebabs and gastro-pubs.

It has not only the largest Moroccan community in the UK, but also Portuguese and other North African communities, reflected in the ambiance of the Road.

Address Golborne Road
  London W10 2QB